Optik PDX — November 2015


12017480_436990489827856_5411689541729996897_oNEW WORKS!!!

Solo Show November 2015

3838 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227
Phone: 503-206-EYES(3937)   Email: info@optikpdx.com

Prints can be purchased here:     http://christiemichellestewart.com/shop/

Old Salt Marketplace – starting October 2015


Starting in October 2015 Christie’s work can be seen on a regular ongoing basis at the wonderful, and delicious Old Salt Marketplace. In their main dining room you can see “Ella’s World” preside over the bar, and in the private dining room you can see upwards of 10 new and old pieces. Work will be changed and swapped occasionally while they visit other locations and galleries, but it an honor to have a wonderful temporary home for them.


So go grab a drink while getting a bit of Christie eye candy too.

Old Salt Marketplace:    5027 ne 42nd ave, portland, or 97218                                                                  core@oldsaltpdx.com  //  971.255.0167